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For over fifty years STANZANI S.p.A. has been realizing and managing industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. 


This makes our company able to offer an excellent service from consultancy and design to assistance services.

STANZANI S.p.A. designers and engineers’ knowledge are constantly upgrading: this allows targeted interventions on ammonia systems, freon gas systems and systems based on a salt solution as a carrier fluid for conservation and transformation of the following products:

• Fruit and vegetables;
• Fish;
• Zootechnical products;
• Agricultural food products;
• Dairy products;
• Wine products;
• Pharmaceutical products.

The rise in energy costs leads STANZANI S.p.A. to seek for competitive solutions, preferring systems with greater efficiency. Employing the different technologies offered by the market, STANZANI S.p.A. offers solutions focused on its customers' specific needs without omitting the importance of environmental sustainability.
In fact, systems are realized with the following characteristics:

• Low environmental impact;
• Maximum energy-saving;
• Simplified maintenance;
• Facilitating intervention;
• Low cost and easy finding spares parts;
• Supervision for local and remote systems control.

In order to respond to this need, STANZANI S.p.A. opts for the use of anhydrous ammonia (NH3) as refrigerating gas for industrial systems. Ammonia has thermodynamical and environmental beneficial properties and offers more advantages than the common freon gas.

First of all, ammonia is a natural gas, easy to produce, abundantly available and inexpensive. As a consequence, it doesn't produce any greenhouse effect or any damage to the ozone layer. In fact, ammonia is one of the most ecological refrigerating gases.

An ammonia system allows different refrigeration levels: from 2/3°C to -40°C. This wide temperature range allows a great flexibility of the system, both during the design phase and the day-to-day conduct as well.

Moreover, ammonia guarantees a definitely higher cooling efficiency than other fluids. Therefore, refrigerating capacities being equal, a greater yield means lower energy costs.

On the contrary, ammonia needs a scrupulous management and regular checks, since it is toxic and flammable. However, its pungent smell and its very low odor threshold allow the experts to immediately recognize a potential gas loss of the system (even if it is an extremely rare event). In fact, the technical staff belonging to the Refrigeration Division is specifically trained and it is equipped with necessary tools and qualifications to handle toxic gasses.

Consequently, with nowadays technologies and legislation, the use of ammonia is a widely safe and convenient process.

1. Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of refrigeration systems

STANZANI S.p.A. staff is composed of qualified specialists owning the necessary certifications to operate with ammonia systems, CO2 systems and with any refrigeration system in general. Moreover, the Refrigeration Division is equipped with mobile units that are ready to intervene in case of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

2. Spare parts

A spare parts warehouse is at the customer disposal at the addressee of STANZANI S.p.A., in order to eliminate unproductive downtimes and to fasten the replace of the main parts. However, there are commercial deals and collaborative relationships with specialized warehouses, assemblers and mother companies that provide the retrieval of what required in competitive times.

3. Machines overhaul

STANZANI S.p.A. has an internal workshop, equipped with technologies and machines, which is specialized in refrigeration compressors and electric motors overhaul.

4. Availability

The customers’ service is available 24/7 for 365 days. The first step of the systems analysis is remote connection. Thanks to it, it is possible to intervene via software to resolve malfunctioning problems.

In the most serious cases, a team of specialists with equipped vans is available in a very short time.
The call center is available 365 days a year and it answers exhaustively to any issue concerning technical management of the systems.

5. Refrigeration systems requalification

The technical-commercial office of the Refrigeration Division manages and deals with every single step between the customer and the company:

• First estimate of investment costs;
• Development of a project;
• Quote based on the project;
Realization of the executive project;
• Completion of procedures and legal authorizations;
• Commission management (provisions, construction site, and accounting);
Start-up and tests;
• Work delivery to the customer (with declaration of conformity);

Post-delivery work management;

6. Refrigeration systems repowering

The technical-commercial office of the Refrigeration Division offers a complete service of existing systems repowering.

7. Refrigeration systems requalification

The technical-commercial office of the Refrigeration Division provides a complete service of requalification of existing systems as the retrofitting of HCFC gas systems.

8. Aging and drying systems

The technical-commercial office of the Refrigeration Division deals with planning and realization of aging and drying systems for cheese and cured meats in static or dynamic rooms, thanks to the decennial experience acquired in this sector.

9. Fleet of refrigerating machines rent

In case of emergency, STANZANI S.p.A. provides a fleet of refrigerating machines to the customer. It is composed of chillers, that are able to generate power up to 1.000kw, and air-handling units. Assembly, dismantling and management are guaranteed by STANZANI S.p.A. staff.

10. Partnership

In order to resolve any kind of technical problem or problems concerning spare parts, STANZANI S.p.A. has always promoted a philosophy focused on partnership, both with the assemblers and the mother companies.
STANZANI S.p.A. goal is the supply of an exemplary service on a quality level. As a consequence, STANZANI S.p.A. deserves credits for having become a concrete reference for those who want to develop their own business on sound foundations and, at the same time, guarantee the loyalty of an always satisfied customer.

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