A great committment for a better environment

The continuous increase of conventional energy sources and the new environmental normative against pollution (2020 package) lead companies to search for new solutions.

STANZANI S.p.A. offers its own consultancy to create a zero environmental impact system, personalized according to the energy needs of customer's structure.

Technological systems and professional assistance are at the disposal of the customer business in order to optimize investments and to make energy management a convenient, efficient and inexhaustible resource for the company.

STANZANI S.p.A. deals with the following sectors:

STANZANI S.p.A. has considerable professional experience in trigeneration: from design and realization to management of refrigeration systems.
Trigeneration is a process which permits to produce electrical and thermal energy, transforming the latter in cooling energy at the same time. This allows the prodcution of hot water for heating and cool water for air-conditioning.

Trigeneration brings the following advantages:

For these reasons, trigeneration is a convenient process from both economic and environmental point of view.


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