From a small family-run business to a modern industrial company


Thanks to the experience acquired in fifty years of activity,
STANZANI S.p.A. is nowadays a point of reference
for refrigeration and technological systems.

The beginning

Great public tenders

STANZANI S.p.A. took its first steps in 1964, when Umberto Stanzani, a plumber installer, created a company with four employees which installed systems and provided maintenance services to its industrial and private customers.

STANZANI S.p.A first activity consisted of installing public tenders for the Department of Defense.
This type of work brought new knowledge to the company, increasing its professionalism, since these works dealt with hydraulic and healthcare plant design, refrigeration, heating and fire extinguishing systems.

In 1979 Maurizio Stanzani, expert in thermotechnical sector, became a business partner of the company.
He could assure the necessary technical knowledge to deal with new legislation on the reduction of energy consumption, thanks to years of professional activity spent working with one of the most important thermotechnical offices in Bologna.

In 1987 Luca Stanzani, expert in thermotechnical sector, took charge of Technical Direction.
Being an expert in information technology, he promoted the company’s global computerization project.

In 1993 the company changed its name in “Stanzani Umberto S.r.l. and moved to new offices in the industrial area of Padulle.

The expansion

To global service

In 1997 STANZANI S.r.l. widened its fields of activity realizing electrical systems, systems intended for lifting people and construction works and it acquired combined management of industrial complexes 

From 2003 on, the interest of the company has been oriented to the use of new technologies, such as trigeneration.
This process can produce electrical energy, hot water for heating and chilled water at the same time, exploiting methane gas.

In 2005 STANZANI S.r.l. committed to global service acquiring the management of more than one hundred Coop supermarkets in Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

The know how system so far gained is today organized in four divisions able to interact with each other, allowing to respond accurately, rapidly and punctually to the market needs.

STANZANI S.p.A. can rely on highly qualified professionals who provide services such as:

  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Realization
  • Management
  • Assistance

of technological systems for industrial and logistic complexes and the retail.

This type of organization offers maximum flexibility, specialization and maximum sharing of experience at the same time.
This allows STANZANI S.p.A. to operate according to the logic of problem-solving to meet its custumers' needs.

Each project is efficiently and rationally followed, reducing response times and improving consultancy services. These include:

  • Technical and economic feasability studies;
  • Research of funding sources;
  • Turn-key personalized solutions; 
  • Optimizing of energy consumptions;  
  • Integration of refrigeration systems into other industrial apllications.

As regards the plant design, STANZANI S.p.A. operates on any type of equipment, regardless of its brand or model.
This is a guarantee of reliability that is certificated when the work is completed, releasing -in compliance with current regulations- all the declarations provided by law.

The future

Committment to sustainability

On January 2008, as Giuseppe Balestrieri, a mechanical engineer, joined the company, “Stanzani Umberto S.r.l turned into “Stanzani S.p.A.

STANZANI S.p.A. first goal is to obtain complete and continuous customer satisfaction which is considered to be the only way to reach business success as well as develop an activity.
Customer care translates into:

  • A remote assistance service to supervise systems and prevent or resolve potential problems without external intervention;
  • A call center available 24/7 (including holidays) which secures maintenance and restoration activities within two hours from the request;
  • A fleet of cooling machines which is always available at customers’ disposal in case of emergency.

Multi specialization, flexibility and reliability allow STANZANI S.p.A. to face market challenges and extend its own business to new areas, such as renewable energy.  

From 2014 on, STANZANI S.p.A. has oriented to the realization of projects dealing with energy efficiency of buildings and systems, aiming at reducing production costs and waste of resources in order to obtain optimization of systems overall performance as well as production improvement. 

Examples of energy efficiency:

  • Use of IE4 - high efficiency electrical motors;
  • Use of evaporative cooling condensers instead of evaporative towers in refrigeration systems;
  • Use of centralized cooling and heating systems;
  • Use of cogeneration and trigeneration systems. 

The brand new challenge is to pursue a development that would be sustainable both for environment and society, making the energy management an inexhaustible, efficient and convenient resource.

Nowadays STANZANI S.p.A is a modern company with a unique wealth of experience, strongly orientated to provide an excellent service to its own customers.

Today it gives work at seventy-five employees and generates a business volume of 30 millions of Euros.

Stanzani S.p.A., a reliable partner