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High efficiency technology to service companies.

The Facility Management Division provides services to the companies, offering its own consultancy and assistance in the electrical, building and mechanical plant design sector.
Moreover, STANZANI S.p.A. offers its own support to the customers in the energy, technological and normative sector.
If required, a call center service is at the customer disposal.

1. Ordinary maintenance of systems and equipment 

The Division manages industrial and commercial complexes as well as service sector by planning of maintenance and control activities suitable for improving performance, consumption, residual life of the goods as well as decrease of the activities which generate extra costs.


2. Extraordinary maintenance of systems and equipment 

The Division provides a highly professional service suitable for customer needs in case of interventions planned in a few hours.

3. Sanitization and hygienic health suitability of air-conditioning systems

If necessary, the Division provides controls of the hygienic-health suitabilityof air-conditioning systems.
Remediation is carried out by a team of specialists equipped with specific tools.

4. Spare parts

The Division manages the replacements of the different systems in an optimized way: it owns an equipped warehouse and concludes commercial agreements with suppliers at a national level.

5. Availability

A telephone number is available 24/7 for 365 a year.
Behind it there are qualified specialists able to make a specialized team operative in real-time. These teams are equipped with appropriate tools for emergency interventions, according to the different contracts concluded with customers.

6. Fleet of machines rent

STANZANI S.p.A. provides a wide fleet of machines with installation, starter and assistance service as well.
These machines at customer disposal consist of refrigerator groups from 100 to 1.000kw, air-handling units, pumps and other different machines.

7. Partnership

STANZANI S.p.A. has always promoted a philosophy focused on partnership, both with the assemblers and mother companies.
STANZANI S.p.A. goal is to provide an exemplary service regarding any technical problem or any problem concerned with the spare parts.
This philosophy allows STANZANI S.p.A. to be a reference for all the market characters who believe that customer satisfaction is a fundamental element of their own business.
Every type of interventions is always coordinated and managed directly by STANZANI S.p.A. team.

8. Call center

A call center with a staff qualified in facility management is at the customer disposal. The staff can provide support or transmit information to third parties with rapidity.
Moreover, it provides personalized services, such as the support for the search of maintenance specialists.

9. Global Service

STANZANI S.p.A. provides also a global service, which consists of taking charge of an entire property or of a part of it, providing goods and equipment maintenance and eventually the supply of replacement.

Stanzani S.p.A., a reliable partner